School Page

Secret School for Detectives

The Legatum Continuatum School for the Descendants of Famous Detectives is the most exclusive and prestigious detective training instituation in the world. Only descendants of famous detectives may attend. Its existence is known only to its select community. It maintains the strictest standards of secrecy and academic achievement.

  • The Headmaster of the Legatum Continuatum School is Gaston Thrillkill.
  • Dean of Admissions and Administration is Drusilla Canoodle.
  • During Amanda’s first term, the cook is Mrs. Dump and the doctor is Mr. Tunnel. The nurse is Scheherazade Pal. The matron is Mrs. Ample Scarper.
  • The two decor gremlins are Alexei Dropoff and Noel Updown.
  • The four student houses are Dupin House, Father Brown House, Van Helden House and Holmes House.
  • The Legatum crest was devised by Lovelace Earful in 1886. This was not a smooth process. He considered 54 designs before settling on the one you see. He was a picky guy, but meticulousness is essential to a detective’s success. Good thing too. Some of the others were too amateurish for words.
    School Symbol
    Professor Winifred Also History of Detectives
    Professor Julia Browning Sketching
    Professor Follifoot Buck Profiling
    Professor Ducky Ducey Logic
    Professor Seashell Feeney Criminals and Their Methods
    Basil Hoxby Pathology
    Professor Ken Kindseth Forensic Photography
    Professor Bertram McTavish Police Procedure
    Professor Ajay Mukherjee Legal Issues
    Professor Honoria Pargeter Toxicology
    Professor Particle Peaksribbon Self-defense
    Professor Bill Pickle Textual Analysis
    Professor Barry Pole Fires and Explosions
    Professor Okimma Redleaf Cyberforensics
    Professor Christopher Scribbish Evidence
    Professor Trixie Sidebotham Observation and Research
    Professor Saliva Snaffle Secrets
    Professor Samuel Snool Weapons
    Professor Richard Stegelmeyer Crime Lab
    Professor Glassina Tumble Disguise
    Aesthetically the campus isn’t bad. It’s built entirely of stone and looks ancient. It’s situated high on a hill with a lake—not Windermere, but a smaller one called Lake Enchanto—below to the west. The whole campus comprises a patchwork quilt of buildings, wings, and sections, including a series of basements, towers, outbuildings, and tunnels, all built at different times and in different fashions: the ancient, simple 18th century manor and chapel, with their zigzaggy joists and beams and fly-eyed mullioned windows; the ornate 19th century classrooms, common rooms, and dining room, with their rich paneled walls and gothic arches; and the late 19th century dorms, close and tight and secret, with narrow hallways and tiny rooms not unlike rabbit warrens. It’s got three floors, which in the U.S. would be one, two, and three, but in the UK are the ground floor, first, and second. I did goof and refer to a third floor on the houses page in the pink book. Apologies. I’ll fix that in the next edition.